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Make your way through the broken datas, gather clues and solve all the mysteries of this website from the 90's.

Nov. 11 200X
Day 54 of research

I've found something very surprising today, what may be the first major element discovery of my investigations.

Seems like a mirror version of a website from the mid 90s was stored on an old shared server.

The data seemed corrupted, so I had to make a copy on my personal server. Now it work kind of okay.

I'm not sure what this site was all about, most of it is locked with passwords.

But whatever it is, I'm sure it will give me all the answers I need.



Informations about the game

* Duration : About 2 hour

* No external softwares or ressources is necessary to complete the game's main puzzles. An image editor might be useful but nothing more complex than MS Paint

* You might want to play my previous game OldComputerArchive.zip to have a bit of context for the game, but it's not necessary.