Hi ! I'm Toulou (He/Him). French dev, developer by profession and game maker by accident. This website is about my various project, so it might be a good occasion to introduce myself !

I am a pure product of the early 2000s. My introduction to the Internet culture was through forums, Flash games and Nintendo fan site. During my teenage years I started making and posting many things on the internet, such as Sprite Comics, RPG Maker games and so on. A few of them were almost good.

As long as I remember I always wanted to create games, but it wasn't until 2017 that I made and published my first games, by participating in Game Jams such as Ludum Dare. In the following years I challenged myself to many different game styles or setting, making many tech demos and full games. My design philosophy is that everything an be turned into a game, like the file browser of your computer.

I have many projects in the work, I don't publish them all but you can stay informed about them if you follow me on Twitter or Itch.io.

Since 2019, I run the Museum Of Screens, a Twitter account dedicated to free web games from the past, and the people that made them. I wrote a few articles about them, you can read them all on Medium.

I use this website to put all my projects in one place: Comics, writing, game making, etc... I am also thinking about sharing screenshots and gifs of abandonned projects. I don't know yet, this is still a work in progress. We'll see. Anyway, have fun !