Hello ! I'm Toulou, a 25 years old french developer. I live in France and currently work for an insurance company. But whenever I have the time, I create stuffs.

Back when I started going to the internet back in 2004 I was fond of french Nintendo fan sites and flash games . In 2007 I started making and posting sprites comics, and tried to use RPG Maker XP. I tried to make youtube videos too but shhhh that's a secret.

Now, I like to create surprising things with whatever kind of resource I have. My games are often weird and experimental, featuring unusual setups and mechanics, and/or are based on atypical supports. For example, my first game Old Computer Archive is an "escape game" based on the Windows file browser.

Since 2019, I'm also managing the Museum Of Screens, a Twitter account talking about of internet games from the mid 2000, and the peoples who made them.

TouLouTouMou is a place for all my personal projects. It could be games, sprite comics, drawings, etc...

*Still on work*